Gold River Casino | Leap Year Bingo – Saturday, February 29th!
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Leap Year Bingo

Leap Year Bingo – Saturday, February 29th!

Join us on Saturday, February 29th for “Leap Year Bingo”! Bingo with the I29 and you’ll win an extra $50.00 CASH!

The promotion will be held on Saturday February 29th during our normal bingo night. If you Bingo with the I-29 during any of the games you will win an additional $50 CASH.

  • Our standard Bingo rules will be modified for this ONE NIGHT ONLY! Copy of modified Bingo rules available at the Players Club.
  • All players must earn the required points to receive a Bingo Pack
  • Bingo will be called as usual every 30 minutes starting from 6pm to 10pm.
  • One Bingo PACK (9 cards) will be issued to qualified players. The back of each card in the pack will be numbered 1 through 9. These numbers correspond to the game that will be called. (6pm – card 1; 6:30pm – card 2; 7pm – card 3, etc.)
  • Only one pack per person for the entire night.
  • The winner MUST have the correct corresponding card to qualify for the win.
  • If the winning Bingo game is won using the I-29 the winner will receive an additional $50.00 CASH. If more than one winner each winner will receive $25 CASH.
  • All other Bingo rules will apply for this one evening.
  • Copies of the Bingo Rules & games will be available at the Players Club.
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